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Classic Gin

Steinbec Gin


... for all lovers of pure taste sensations

Produced out of carfeully selected 100% biological ingredients the Steinbec Gin Classic gets its unique taste through slow and controlled distillation in small batches. Our extraordinary taste is characterized by a citrus note complemented by hints of juniper, mint and an overall herbal bouqet.

Steinbec Gin

Color Change Edition 


... for all lovers of colorful taste sensations

As one of the first gin distillers in Austria we created a gin edition, based on 100% biological ingredients, that changes its color when you add acidic beverages like tonic water. Feel free to choose!

The colors of our gins are based on natural blossoms. but don't be afraid the newly infused color doesn't change the extraordinary taste of our gins. Keep in mind that our color change gins are an extraordinary companion for any party, always guaranteed to impress. 


 Steinbec Gin 

 Color Edition 

Give our gin your personal touch. Whether as a present for a friend/loved one or as a marketing product for your company -  you can choose the color to match your style.  

Browse through our shop or contact us, if you want to give our gin your own favorite color or if you want to know more about our Gin colors.

Please note: The Color Gin will not change its color when adding acidic beverages.

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