Steinbec - the gin created
in Sankt Peter.

Sep 10th 2020

Today, we were mentioned in the "Sankt Peter Bezirksblatt" as we are born and created our gin in this beautiful district.
Because of this we also decided to combine this with the official opening of our shop in the Sackstrasse 26 in Graz.


Styrians of the Day
and gin-tasting in the upTownArt Graz!

Jul 3rd 2020

Today, we were honored by becoming the "Styrians of the Day" of the 3rd of July 2020 in the styrian newspaper. Thank you very much!

Further, we were allowed to join the vernissage "natura et animal" in the upTownArt Graz to add our colorful touch to this wonderful event.


The new Green Color Change Gin just arrived!

Jan 24th 2020

After presenting our Violet Color Change Gin in January, we can now introduce the new Green Color Change Gin in our color changing family. Such as his blue and violet siblings, the green color is based on flowers found in nature which changes to orange after adding tonic water. 

Welcome to our Family

Jan 24th 2020

With full pride, we would like to introduce you our new family member in our Color Change Edition - the Violet Color Gin. Based on carefully selected flowers found in nature, this gin changes its color from violett to a pinkish red after adding tonic water.

Check out the unique change in our video.